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Finding and Showing Your Customers How Incredible You And Your Business IS!


FACT: You are Incredible, with YOU the world is a better place!
OUR MISSION: Lets Shake The World and And Make It More Incredible By Getting People To Know About You!

IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT - FACTS: There are tons of customers just waiting to find what you do incredible online.  80% of small business and business is not online while 80% of there customers search online for them there.  What an opportunity for first movers.  Think of one place where you can gain access to 80% of your customer pool and market to them at a really low cost.  No 3rd parties, just your customers interfacing directly with you.  With an I-Billboard powered by Blue Ocean Marketing they will be hounding to get access to your incredible talents therby making the world more incredible or a better place.

FOR EXAMPLE: See Jim.  You see Jim is a local electrician that has some incredible talents.  He not only can install wires, boxes, lighting and outlets, he can install huge industrial motors, parking structure lighting and communications and servo control equipment and loves to work with 640 VAC.  His delimna was he was driving 50 plus miles a day to San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside where his refering partners seemed to have customes and he is located in Orange County.  They were small jobs so he was barely scraping by to make a living, especially in this hard economy.  He decided to spend the $100 dollars a month, after the first 6 months he was getting $10,000 a month in local Orange County business.  He was very exited about this, because now he could come home and have lunch with his wife every day.  The story does not end there.  Affter 12 months the I-Billboard got fully seated and for the first time he was getting large jobs, his last one was for the University Of California Irvine for 1.2 Million and they seem to keep coming, Costco, Tire Recycling Facilty, Tool Manufacturing Plant and more.  Now he has hired more electricians working for him and with the I-Billboard Life is Good at $100 a month.

JIM'S STORY IS NOT UNIQUE: what makes him unique is his amounts are high and people will pay a lot of money for each single job he does that drives millions his way.  Money follows talent, its just getting the word out. We need to be honest, keep in mind I-Billboards do not work for everyone.  There is a phone etticute that plays a big part in a business owners ability to close a sale as well as the quality and determination to get the job right.  For example if you don't answer you phone your customers will call someone who will, the I-Billboard technology is shorted out and just will not work for you.  Your ability to receive customers calls and emails as well as do a good job will dramatically affect the success of an I-Billboard.  Other times there can be simply no market for what you do and it needs to be developed more.  Our job is to get the phones ringing and emals emailing with inquiries.

WE DEAM AN I-BILLBOARD SUCCESSFUL: if it costs $100 a month and you net on average $600 or more per month from it after 6 months.  This is also unique in that much of our competition says a .01 percent return is good on investment which means you have to pay for 100 people to get 1 customer.  I-Billboards discontinues its product if it does not make a minimum of 600% or better return for you.  And that my friends is INCREDIBLE!  RESULTS THAT SHAKE UP THE WORLD!

HELLO, My name is Eric the Inventor of I-Billboards and Here is my Incredible short Story: God gave me the talent and I give to you and I built a keep it simple small web based marketing tools and formulas based upon certain knowns about the internet for businesses and how Incredible people are to strategically go after Blue Ocean Markets on the Internet.  It became so successful that this test hobby product that I now incorporated it into the University of San Clemente research program for further study and expansion for larger market adaption to try to make the world more incredible and help others.  Within the first 3 years of the products life it created over 20M in thank you for closed business for those willing to sign up for the pilot tests.  It is exciting to see these results with Small Business and the challenges faced with growth, various industries and personality types.  My simple hobby product has proved a powerful tool for businesses to reach their customers that I also have become a main buyer of the product for my businesses and special project needs.  It is simply a Joy to help others and make the world more incredible by Incredible business owners being able to reach their customers over the internet with ease.  FINALLY A MARKETING PRODUCT FOR INCREDIBLE PEOPLE DOING INCREDIBLE THINGS!

I-Billboards Works Great With Events, Catering, Restaurants and Hotels

I-Billboards Works Great For Electricians, Plumbers, Handymen, Pest Control, and Contractors

I-Billboards Works Great For Dentists, Vetinarians and Medical Offices

I-Billboards Works Great For Festivals And Conventions

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