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I have nothing but praise for I-Billboards. I am a lawn and garden sprinkler installation contractor that has served Orange County residents for almost 25 years. My business has suffered as a former employee has joined with another lawn and sprinkler contractor and tried to take my customers. Furthermore, the competitor has in my opinion engaged in unfair trade practices and has tried to mislead customers into believing that he is my company.

I met a guy who does the I-Billboards internet marketing - essentially does what search engine company's only claim to do. What they say they do with gimmicks like paid advertising and google words, this person does with content.

The I-billboard is a website with a marketing or multiple marketing domains that put your concise/easily stated marketing message out where consumers looking for exactly what it is you do can find you.

Rather than fighting over the business name and fighting over the various orange county cities, I now dominate the automatic lawn and garden sprinkler services area for all of Orange County California.

I-billboards works.
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Brad is incredible. He was able to expand our internet presence 10 x what we were getting before. If you really want to get your website on the front pages of Yahoo, Google and other major search engines, Brad is the guy to use. He charged us far less than other people quota us and got us on the front pages much faster than we expected.

He's done a great job for us and he'll do it for you too. Thank You Brad!

I-Billboards Succeed Again!

I received a call from Mr. Chen

Mr. Chen spoke very little english, but he made out that I am incredible according to the website (I-Billboard) and he needed my collection services.
Lamont Burrell, Cal State Legal Affairs
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